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The Shoprider Sovereign 4

| Product Reviews | 30/01/2013

A Great Classic

Written by David Eatwell, Director, Assured Mobility.

The Shoprider Sovereign 4 is that one scooter that everybody recognises. It has been a staple of the high street for over 10 years now, and for good reason.

This old trooper has changed little over these years and has remained at the top of the best-selling scooter list for many years. Why is this?

I will be the first to admit that the Sov 4 (as it’s known in the business) is not my favourite looking scooter. Its box like frontage and less than elegant rear are quite dated by modern standards, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of people buying this tried and tested classic.

In a market where new products are being launched on a regular basis you would be forgiven in thinking that there was not much of a future for the Sov 4, but it might just be this ‘familiar face factor’ that is one of reasons it has stood the test of time. Many a keen customer has come in asking for the Sov 4 as a result of their friend having one. Highlighting the importance of reducing the risks associated with buying a mobility scooter which is unfamiliar to a consumer.

Of course familiarity is not a big enough reason alone to warrant the success of a product, there needs to be substance behind the popularity. This is where the Sov 4 triumphs. For a consumer demographic which values low risk and reliability the Sov 4 is one of the least visited scooters by our engineers. It has great reliability due to its basic, but effective, electrics and its simple construction, meaning that people can be confident that it will get them from A to B on a regular basis. A valuable asset when your independence is at risk.

With a solid frame and good leg room this scooter has all the attributes a person needs to keep them independent and mobile. Easily obtainable spares and a good warranty (lifetime on the frame and structural components) means this scooter is the ‘go too’ option for many an undecided buyer.

So if you are looking for a trusty companion who’s looks have faded a bit, but who won’t let you down look no further than the Shoprider Sovereign 4.

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