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Choosing the Best Scooter

| Advice | 19/02/2013

example of a road scooter

Choose a scooter to suit your lifestyle

To find the perfect scooter you need to consider your lifestyle. In the following pages, we have highlighted some key things to think about before you select your scooter.



Points to ask when buying a pre-owned Mobility Scooter:

  • Where do I want to use the scooter? Indoors – size of doors? Outdoors – level or rough ground? Are dropped curbs available?
  • How far do I want to go?
  • Do I need it to go in a car? Does it dismantle easily? Who will dismantle it? How often?
  • Where will my scooter be stored and charged?
  • Will I be on the scooter for long periods?
  • Can I use it easily and safely?
  • Do I need it to be adapted for my particular comfort and safety?
  • Is there clear indication of the amount of charge remaining?
  • Have the batteries been regularly charged whilst it has been un-used? If not what cost implications are there for replacing the batteries?
  • Who will service my scooter?
  • Do I want a warranty or insurance to cover my pre-owned scooter?


Points to ask when buying a New Mobility Scooter (same as above with the below added):

  • Is the scooter available in different colours?
  • What warranty do I get with the scooter?
  • Is the seller governed by the British Health Care Trades Association (BHTA)?
  • What are my rights to cancel the order?



Which Scooter should I choose?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the scooter comfortable to ride?
  • Can I get on and off it easily?
  • Are the controls suitable and comfortable for me to use over a long period?
  • Is the scooter going to suit my needs?
  • Can the scooter carry me and my shopping if required?
  • Will the scooter be suitable for all types of terrain I anticipate wanting to use it over?
  • Do I need the scooter to climb curbs?
  • Can I dismantle the scooter and transport it in the car if needed?
  • Does the scooter give me the mileage range I need, not only when shopping locally, but also, for example, when I want to visit a National Trust stately home or garden, participate in outdoor activities or when I go rambling?
  • Is the scooter stable and safe enough for my needs?
  • Do I have somewhere to store and charge up my scooter?



On this website we have divided the different types of scooters into 4 categories, these are:

  1. Car portable: Easily dismantled into small parts that can be transported by car.
  2. Pavement: Larger more stable scooters that can carry shopping and go further distances. Limited to 4mph.
  3. Road: Designed for longer distances and road travel. Have the options of Pavement and Road use, usually have higher ground clearance and can travel at 8mph.
  4. All Terrain: Have very good ground clearance, very robust and designed for travelling over fields and grassy areas.


We hope that this information helps you with your search. If you require any more assistance then please ‘Ask the expert’ for more details.

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