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Useful Tips towards a Healthier Body

| News and Events | 31/05/2013

Caroline Peyton

As I write this Spring is finally on its way. The bulbs are out, the trees are starting to turn green and the birds are singing. This puts a smile on our faces but does it translate into more natural energy day to day?

Of course at all times we want to feel vibrant but our lifestyles and food choices may hinder these feelings of wellbeing. Some people choose to undertake a detox but rather than consider restrictive practices, here are a few tips to follow in the coming months ahead.

I see many people who don’t consume sufficient hydrating fluids. This is not just about water but herbal teas or very diluted juices or cordials too. I always start my day with slices of lemon in warm water- so refreshing! Cut back on teas and coffees that may add stress to the body and replace with these more natural alternatives.

Try to avoid packet foods as much as possible. The more packaged foods we buy, the more likely it is to be processed in some way and therefore contain hidden chemicals, sugars, salts or “bad” fats.  Vegetables, fruit and protein foods (such as chicken, eggs, fish) are not processed and therefore your body has less to deal with in terms of digestion and the toxic load – especially if organic.

Add to this nuts and seeds- yes they are in a packet- but only for the shops’ convenience. These are a great replacement for biscuits, cakes or crisps. A fantastic source of essential fatty acids- those that the body cannot make for itself. These fats are so important for our skin, brain, cardiovascular system, joints. In fact every cell membrane including nerve cells are composed of these fats so we must have them in our diets! These fats, together with protein foods, also help to keep us fuller for longer so we’ll be less likely to reach for unhealthy foods.

Do eat as wide a variety of vegetables as possible. Different colours have different levels of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins so don’t stick to the same ones, be adventurous. Have at least a third of your plate filled with a variety to maximise your nutrient intake.  Eat a couple of pieces of fruit a day but favour vegetables which are less sugary and so help maintain stable blood sugar and energy.

Lighter days call for lighter foods – use this time of year to lighten the load and see the benefits.

 About The Author

Caroline Peyton is a fully qualified naturopathic nutritional therapist with practices in Cheltenham and Swindon and at home in Kempsford. She is also Principal of the Natural Healthcare College. Please contact Caroline to see how nutritional therapy may be of benefit to you. 01285 810320 or 07730 513303; e-mail: caroline@peytonprinciples.com. www.peytonprinciples.com


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